What to expect on your first visit to Radiant Joy Yoga…

Whether you are attending a series class, a workshop or a drop in class please try to come along a little early on your first visit. Arriving 10-15 minutes before a class will give you time to settle in.
Clothing – Please wear clothes that allow you to move freely, something comfortable whether it’s yoga clothes or a t-shirt and track pants.
Community RoomUsually the first person you meet will be your teacher, please feel free to ask any questions you might have before class begins. We’ll then ask you to complete a welcome form while you sit comfortably in our community room.
On this and every visit please sign in on the class sheet on the front desk, your teacher will sign you in on the system. You can check your pass count online at any time.
Our community room has space to store your shoes and coat while you practice. Although the front door is locked during classes we ask that you take your valuables into the studio with you where you’ll find more storage.
StoragePlease ensure that you turn off your phone while you are in the studio. This is a courtesy to your fellow students but also provides an opportunity for you to relax.
When you are ready to go into the studio please help support the peaceful atmosphere by remaining quiet. Choose a spot, set up your mat and collect any props you’ll require.


LDC_5953Props – You are welcome to bring your own mat but we have plenty if you don’t have one. We also have bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps for your use. Most teachers will set up their own mat with the appropriate props for the class before you arrive, use this as a guide to what you’ll need.
You might use the time before class begins to lie down and ground yourself or to gently stretch. If the room starts to get full please be mindful of others and try to accommodate their mats too.
Twist AssistClass will begin once everyone is signed in and the front door is locked. You can expect full instructions from your teacher in every class. This means that you don’t need to remember the postures or their names if you don’t want to, your teacher will guide you every time you practice at the studio.
Use modifications, props and rests whenever it’s appropriate for you. It’s important to listen to your body as you practice. Always be compassionate and patient with yourself.


LDC_6127Teachers move through the studio throughout classes assisting students with alignment. The intention is to keep you safe and help you to deepen your practice.
Once class is over please tidy props away. As we share this space with many students we are grateful for your help in keeping it organized and peaceful.


LDC_6000Please feel free to ask questions and provide your teacher with feedback after class. We want you to have a meaningful experience so please ask if you need more information. Your teacher can also help you with information about other classes on the schedule.
Contact us if you have any questions that we’ve not answered. We look forward to seeing you on a mat soon.
A lotus for you…