Teaching Yoga by Jacquelyn

Are you living on purpose?

I am so very fortunate to I love what I do. I spent a long time very unhappy in lots of jobs and I’ll never forget how hard that is. It can shape how you feel about your whole life.
Now, although I work very hard, it doesn’t seem like work.
I do struggle with boundaries. I find myself answering enquiries or updating the website at 11.30 pm. It can be hard to switch off, thank goodness I have yoga. Oh, wait! 🙂
This week I have the incredible honour of helping a group of people who share the same purpose achieve their dreams as we begin teacher training. What a privilege!
I know that our whole community wishes them well on their journey and I know that we will all support them. But, here’s what they should probably know…

yoga teacher

I have at least seven of those books. Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching yoga, you won’t look back and your local bookseller will love you.
Whatever your purpose and passion, I hope that you can find a way to make it your job.
See you in class!
Namaste, Jacquelyn
JacquelynMy Schedule ~
Tuesday, Thursday 9.15 am Flow Yoga
Wednesday 6.15 pm Flow Yoga
Sunday 9.15 am Gentle Yoga

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