Svadisthana – The Sacral Chakra by Jacquelyn

Is there enough pleasure in your life?
Continuing our journey through the chakras we come to svadisthana, the second chakra on our journey.
Svadisthana means ‘one’s own place’. Where the first chakra is focussed on survival, the second turns to pleasure.
Focus – Movement and connection. Pleasure, emotions, sexuality, desire, need and sensation.
Balancing exercises include –
Belly breath, hip opening postures, forward folds and pelvic tilts. Working on creative projects such as art or writing. Getting moving generally; walking, biking, etc. Taking time to pay attention to your senses, notice the textures, colours and smells of your environment. Drinking more water can also help bring balance to svadisthana as can spending time near water.
Join me in class this week to balance your svadisthana chakra.
Namaste, Jacquelyn
PartnerMy schedule ~
Monday – Gentle Yoga at 7.45 pm
Tuesday – Flow Yoga at 9.15 am and Gentle Yoga at 6.15 pm
Wednesday – Flow Yoga at 6.15 pm and Gentle Yoga at 7.45 pm
Thursday – Flow Yoga at 9.15 am
Saturday – Open house 11 am – 1 pm (free intro class at 11)
Saturday – Partner Yoga at 7.30 pm (a special workshop event)
Sunday – Gentle Yoga at 9.15 am

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