Stream of Life by Jacquelyn

Are you feeling connected?

I recently discovered that the music from my all time favourite, uplifting youtube video series is based on a poem by Rabindranath Tagore. I have been watching these videos for years and I even bought the music but I never knew that the lyrics were so beautiful when translated into English.
Stream of Life – Rabindranath Tagore
The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.
It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.
It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth and of death, in ebb and in flow.
I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life. And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment.
These words sum up perfectly for me what I’m trying to do in my yoga practice; to connect to universal energy and ‘remember’ that I am part of something so much bigger than my own concerns whether petty or seemingly insurmountable.
I hope that you enjoy this as much I as did. Take a look at one or more of the excellent and uplifting youtube shorts that I fell in love with. Perfect for when you want to ‘remember’ that we are all one.
See you in class.
With profound gratitude, Jacquelyn
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