Think Spring! by Michelle

This week we welcome Spring back again!


The time for hibernation is quickly coming to a close, although winter seems to be taking another kick at the can. It’s time to open up, welcome in the change, the new life, that spring brings to us. It’s time for new beginnings and new energy.

Maybe a change in your routine will help you amp up your energy – remember I teach Monday to Thursday evenings at 7:45 PM and I would love to help you relax and discover amazing vibrant energy already in your body.

Since I think that it is so important the emphasis in class this week will again be on the breath. This week let’s focus on using the breath to bring energy (prana) into our bodies.

MichelleJoin me this week on your mat:

Monday @ 7:45 PM ~ Gentle Yoga

Tuesday @ 7:45 PM ~ Flow Yoga

Wednesday @ 7:45 PM ~ Gentle Yoga

Thursday @ 7:45 PM ~ Flow Yoga 

Saturday @ 9:15 AM ~ Power Yoga

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