Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra by Jacquelyn

Feeling connected?
The seventh and final chakra on our journey is sahasrara or the crown chakra. Sahasrara means thousand and refers to the ‘lotus of the thousand petals’. Located four fingers widths above the crown of our head, sahasrara is the meeting place of Shakti and Shiva energy. The female Shakti energy coming up from muladhara (the root chakra) and Shiva’s male energy coming down from above / the Universe. This is where the seeker attains enlightenment, where duality dissolves and unity is experienced.
Focus – Understanding. Connection to the Divine / the Universe / God / grace. Union, transcendence. Consciousness.
Balancing exercises include –
Meditation. Prayer. Chanting Divine names. Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. Making your actions an offering. Practicing being mindful and present. Viewing the sky, especially at night. What better reminder of our place in the Universe than a galaxy of stars? Yoga postures involving the top of the head, for example, headstand and hare.
Join me in class this week to balance your sahasrara chakra. Feel interconnected.
Namaste, Jacquelyn
JacquelynMy schedule ~
Tuesday – Flow Yoga at 9.15 am
Wednesday – Flow Yoga at 6.15 pm
Thursday – Flow Yoga at 9.15 am
Sunday – Gentle Yoga at 9.15 am

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