Safe Ground by Jacquelyn

Are you standing on solid ground?

One of the main causes of stress in our lives is uncertainty. We’re always waiting for it to pass. We always seem to have a list of things that we need to fix before we can be happy.
‘When I finish this course, I’ll be happy.’
‘When I’ve changed jobs, I’ll be happy.’
‘When I have a new car, I’ll be happy.’
The truth is that no matter what our circumstances are, there will always be a ‘reason’ to postpone happiness. There will always be a barrier to living the life we want.
There are always challenges, the ground is always unsteady. Uncertainty is the only certainty.
We just need to decide to be happy.
Even when we’re facing the big challenges of life, we can still choose to be happy for this moment.
In mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation we learn to accept that uncertainty is the eternal state. We learn that we can’t put off living while we wait on perfect conditions because they may never arrive.
We find ‘certainty’ in our practice through your anchoring breath and the strength and stability we develop in standing postures.
Join me this week to focus on grounded-ness. When the sands are shifting all around, find stillness and certainty on your mat.
Namaste, Jacquelyn
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Tuesday, Thursday 9.15 am Flow Yoga
Wednesday 6.15 pm Flow Yoga
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