Risks and Safety Nets by Jacquelyn

Are you ready to take a risk?

Yesterday I had the tremendous privilege of working with a group of our teachers and students on a photo shoot at the studio. In the week leading up to the shoot I was wracked by ‘pre-party’ nerves. What if it’s a disaster? What if no one comes?
I’ve lived most of my life avoiding risks like this. Very few parties have been held. Very few favours have been asked. I’ve done my best to protect myself from hurt and disappointment and I have mainly assumed that people would not go out of their way for me. All of this came from my deeply held belief that I wasn’t deserving of help, friendship or attention.
When yoga came into my life all that began to change. For the first time I felt a shift in my world view. Not only did I start to see people as inherently good but I started to feel that I am worthy of happiness and that some people even want to hear what I have to say.
The shift that I felt would have melted away into nothingness without reinforcement so I started taking risks that reminded me of this new truth. The truth that people are good and that I am as worthy as anyone else of love and happiness.
I started with small risks, things that would have meant nothing to other people, for example, joining in a conversation when before my shyness and reticence would have kept me silent. Surprise almost stopped me mid-sentence when people turned to me and appeared interested in what I was saying. I took the risk, one small step, and a safety net appeared. Their interest supported this new view of myself as worthwhile.
Opening the studio was a huge risk. A terrifying one. The ‘pre-party’ nerves were unparalleled. But people came. They supported me, they supported the studio. And they’ve continued to do so for over a year now. My gratitude is immeasurable. I love you all and thank you all every day for making this amazing dream possible.
In return, if I can encourage you to do one thing, it is to take a risk and know that someone will catch you. You have more support than you realize. We are truly one. We are a community.

Thich Nhat Hanh - community

Massive love to all those who continue to support me and the studio, yesterday and every day. Friends, family, students and teachers. Thank you all for the amazing safety net you provide whenever I go out and take another risk. From here the risks and the rewards will only get bigger.
Join me in class this week to connect to your dream and the first risk you can take to make it happen, whether that risk feels big or small.
Love and appreciation, Jacquelyn
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