Revealing Our Oneness by Jacquelyn

Where is the light?

This has been a week of incredible pain for all of us. Who can be unaffected by the events in Connecticut? Personally, I’ve been in a daze since Friday. Hovering on the brink of tears most of the time and just wanting my family close by. Equanimity is a stranger, a word for other times. These are the challenges that change us and sometimes break us.

These events bring back so much pain from a similar event in Dunblane, Scotland. Pain that never went away. A shocking incident that tore up our definitions of safety and innocence.

The temptation is to push the pain away, to build walls and guard ourselves against future hurts. To protect our wounded hearts, to close down. In lesser circumstances this might be done with a joke, a pretence at not caring. In this case, of course, no humour is possible but bitterness is there to take its place. Bitterness against a system, a group, a person. Whoever we can blame for this terrible tragedy.

Our hearts reach out in anguish to our brothers and sisters: the children, parents, first responders, families, teachers, the whole community. The list of those affected is too long.

There is one tiny light in the darkness. The truth that, at times like this, we are all one, unseparated by borders, religion, politics, ethnicity, language or gender. We are one and we feel this as one. We cease to see separation between us, you / me, us / them and we feel the same pain, with raw and open hearts.

This should never have happened. This is a horror too awful to bear and yet, somehow, we will. Not just those of us on the periphery but the people at it’s centre. The people who are having to remind themselves to eat and breathe right now. Somehow they will find a way to carry on. They will carry on for their loved ones, those lost and those remaining. They will find a way somehow, just like the people of Dunblane.

And, I believe, that they will do that with our help, our love, our support. There is no other way, we are in this together. We are one. Each of us is a light in this darkness. Shine your love and light on friends near and far and feel their love and light shining back.

A friend reminded me of this man today, it’s inspiring to see an open heart making a positive contribution to the world. Serving others might be the way we can all get through these difficult times.

CNN Hero Narayanan Krishnan

See you in class, connecting to love and each other.

Love, jacquelyn

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