Open your heart and let your light shine by Jacquelyn

Are you allowing your light to shine?

It’s close to Valentine’s Day and time to return to one of my favourite themes: allowing your light to shine.

I’m sure I’m not alone in holding back. We all have our reasons, the words of caution that sound in our heads whenever we consider putting ourselves forward.

One great way to get in touch with our barriers is to notice when we are holding back and ask this question,

What’s the worst that can happen?

For most of us the honest is answer can be boiled down to fear of rejection. Whether this manifests as fear of not being good enough, fear of being laughed at, fear of appearing foolish, fear of failure, fear of success, the main reason we don’t allow our light to shine is that we’re afraid that we’ll stand out, in the wrong way.

How do we get past this? Here are a few points to remember that might help:

1. Remember that deep down almost all of us are experiencing the same fear. You are not alone.

2. Remember that just about everyone wants you to succeed. You have support you don’t even know is there.

3. Remember that if you’re brave and push on anyway you’ll have made a huge step towards overcoming that fear the next time. It will never be this hard again.

4. Remember how good you’ll feel when you succeed or at least try. This is a new and exciting road who knows where it will go.

5. Remember that your example makes it easier for others to overcome their fears. Be a role model to your friends, your children, your partner and the world. Be the change.

Join me in class to fearlessly open your heart and let your light shine.

See you on a mat.

Love, Jacquelyn

jacquelyn croppedMy schedule:

6.15 pm and 7.45 pm Beginner Yoga ~ Monday (This week we’re going deeper into our hip openers and starting to twist. Drop ins welcome.)

9.15 am Flow Yoga ~ Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

6.15 pm Flow Yoga ~ Wednesday

9.15 am Gentle Yoga ~ Sunday

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