Non-Judgement by Michelle

Do you accept yourself and your practice without judgement?

Yoga philosophy teaches us that there is only one constant in life and that is change. Our lives and ourselves are constantly changing, evolving and transforming.
Summer gradually moves into fall, fall into winter, winter into spring, then spring back into summer. Maybe our yoga practice changes throughout the year, there could be a more various practice during the spring/summer/fall season and a more restorative practice during the deep winter.
My own experience has shown me that it is not the change that is the issue, but my perception about the change. I like things to remain constant in my life. I thrive with routine. My yoga practice has taught me, especially over the last year or so; that I also thrive under change ~ I just find it uncomfortable.
The underlying issue, for me at least, is non-judgement, or in Sanskrit, ahimsa ~ literally translated as non-violence, but furthermore it is the principle of acting, thinking and feeling loving compassion no matter what life throws your way. Ahimsa is an opportunity to embrace and love rather than push away, ignore, or fight against.
Love the changes as they occur around you ~ it is evolution and transformation, and it is a beautiful process.  
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