The Niyamas: Saucha by Jacquelyn

Yoga, the path to cleanliness and good housekeeping?

As part of our series looking at the wider practice of yoga we turn to the first of the niyamas or fixed observances. Saucha, the first of five niyamas, means cleanliness or purity.
To follow a yoga path or lifestyle, how can we express saucha on and off the mat?
One extremely simple way to do this in our practice is by carefully setting out and tidying away our yoga props. This allows for maximum safety and minimum clutter.
The benefits of simplicity and a lack of clutter can be felt not only in our practice but also in our homes. Most of us have enjoyed the sense of a fresh start that a good de-clutter brings.
Yoga naturally cleanses and detoxifies our bodies and the postures that really promote this are twists.

Twist Assist

The mind is also cleansed when we focus only on the present moment, during our practice. Clearing away the unnecessary chatter of the ‘monkey mind’.
We can also apply this principle of saucha or cleanliness to our food. Ensuring that we, as near as possible, only put ‘clean’ and nutritious food into our bodies.
Join me in class this week and twist yourself to a clean and pure body and mind.
Namaste, Jacquelyn
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