New Year Resolutions?

Why not try new year intentions instead?

With a new year coming on again, it’s time for those dreaded resolutions. Or is it? This year instead of setting resolutions I am going to set intentions.

I can never seem to keep my new year’s resolutions, by mid-January they get tossed aside and I start to feel like a complete failure (maybe next year becomes my mantra). I find resolutions are just so intimidating and the first time I fall off the wagon I feel like a failure and give up.

This year I am going to set a group of intentions. Just like when we set an intention at the beginning of our practice, I am setting an intention at the beginning of the year.  Something I can refer back to over the year – I am posting them in my bedroom where I will see them first thing in the morning and right before bed.

Intentions, to me, are something that actually serves me in a very deep and positive way, both on and off my yoga mat. They pave the way to growth and expansion. I see an intention as something that works with you, serves you at the highest level, and can be modified at any time if it is no longer serving you. In class, I don’t feel like a failure if I forget my intention for a set of poses, and I am not disappointed if I don’t seem to expand and grow to my intention in only one practice – I know it could take a life time of practicing.

MichelleJoin in any of my classes this week and find your intention:

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