Multi-tasking is Overrated by jacquelyn

Welcome to my weekly blog, I hope that this will help to deepen your practice and your experience of classes.

My class themes this week highlight a paradox. On the one hand we have ‘aim high’ and on the other ‘multi-tasking is overrated’. It seems to me that this is a paradox we need to tackle if we are to find self acceptance.

The first thing we need to do is define success, a loaded word. Our society promotes a culture of busy-ness and multi-tasking. The busier you are the more important you are, or so we’re told. But, this only seems to lead us further away from our true selves. All my teachers have encouraged a single pointed and quiet mind, how can this be achieved in our society with all the iPhones, TV shows, emails, text messages and demands on our time? And what is our incentive to slow down if we’d then be less ‘valued’ by society?

Yoga and mindfulness practices suggest that we accept ourselves as we are, that we recognize our own unique gifts and begin from there. But it doesn’t ask us to stay there, if anything yoga challenges us more than society. It asks us to achieve ultimate balance and harmony in our lives with four main goals: service, wealth (although not necessarily financial), happiness and connection to Higher Self.

To detach from society’s definition of successful and align with these four aims of yoga brings us true peace and contentment. This definition of success is much more meaningful to me. I hope that you’ll join me in class this week to explore these aspect of yourself.

Love, jacquelyn

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My class themes for this week:

Tuesday 9.15 am Flow ~ Start where you are

Wednesday 6 pm Flow ~ Aim high, aim for balance

Thursday 9.15 am Flow ~ A light free from sorrow

Friday 9.15 am Shakti ~ Multitasking is overrated

Sunday 9 am Gentle ~ Gratitude and remembrance

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