Mindfulness Practice by Jacquelyn

Do you ever wonder if you’re really awake?

It can feel like we’re ‘sleepwalking’ through our lives. We commute the same route every day, our working days can blend into each other and before we know it weeks or months go by and we wonder where they went.

Our yoga practice can help us connect to those lost moments. By being with each breath and each posture on the mat we develop our ability to fully inhabit every moment of our lives.

Yoga is a mindfulness practice, the physical postures designed to make us strong and flexible for the challenges of sitting in meditation for long periods. By staying with our breath, whether on the mat or the cushion, we fully engage and live in that moment.

Come to class this week and spend 75 minutes just being exactly where you are.

If you’re interested in beginning a meditation practice you might like to join us on Sunday 17th at 10.45 am for our free meditation group. You will be very welcome.

You might also like to sign up for the Oprah / Deepak Chopra meditation challenge taking place over the next three weeks.

See you on the mat.

Love, Jacquelyn

jacquelyn croppedMy schedule:

9.15 am Flow Yoga ~ Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

6.15 pm Flow Yoga ~ Wednesday

7.45 Yoga for Beginners ~ Wednesday

9.15 am Gentle Yoga ~ Sunday

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