Meet Alison…by Michelle

We are SO happy to welcome Alison to the Radiant Joy Yoga family. Alison has a solid background in Pilates and Yoga, and we know she will make a great new addition to the community. Find out a little bit more about Alison…

After being diagnosed with a mild form of scoliosis as a kid, Alison turned to Pilates to see if it would help with her back pain. She stumbled across Cathy’s Pilates classes and was hooked ever since (Alison credits Cathy for inspiring her to take the Pilates teacher training over 10 years ago). Not only was Alison feeling better about her back, she had more energy and more strength overall. In fact, the doctor could no longer see any signs of scoliosis!

Alison’s journey of becoming a Pilates teacher led her to many different paths and teacher trainings. In 2012, Alison started her 200 hour yoga teacher training. Incorporating Yoga into her Pilates classes was a fun way to change up the class format and give students a sense of calmness and relaxation at the same time.

Alison teaches a variety of classes, ranging from a classic Pilates class, a flowing Vinyasa class, to a relaxing gentle yoga class, but you can find Alison teaching Flow Yoga on Tuesday evenings, at RJY. She hopes that you leave her classes feeling amazing and centered!