Living with Intention by Jacquelyn

What is your intention?

Setting an intention for our practice, like everything else we do on the yoga mat, is simply practice for life.
When we gather our thoughts and slow our breath at the beginning of a class we identify why we are there. We consider what the practice means to us in that particular moment.
The big picture is an intention to connect to our universal humanity, the unchanging part of all of us. Our day to day practice intentions are often just smaller versions of this.
Through my practice today, may I find the strength to cope.
Through my practice today, may I find the stillness I crave.
Through my practice today, may my compassion be shared with my friend.
Intention is about giving purpose to our actions. Many of us find it challenging to stay ‘on purpose’. We get caught up in what we ‘should’ be doing, what’s expected of us and what is habitual.
By practicing intention setting on the mat we develop the ability to bring intention and purpose into the rest of our lives. We learn to ‘slow down’ our decisions and see the larger story. We learn to decide if activities are aligned with our greater intention and purpose.
For example, if your intention on the mat is to honour your body and mind and treat them both with compassion, is there a way to do this off the mat? Would cramming your day with activity and stress be in line with this intention? Can you change your day to be more aligned with your intention?
In other words, can you live your yoga off the mat?
Join me this week to consider your intention and how it can be carried into all aspects of your life. Think back to the intention you set for the year. Is it still relevant? Are you living it both on and off the mat?
Namaste, Jacquelyn
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