Letting go…


Letting go. It can be one of the hardest things to do. We hang on to so many things, oftentimes for much longer than we should. Prolonging the inevitable and ultimately making things harder than they need to be. But once the pain of letting go has subsided, it’s not uncommon to feel lighter. The proverbial weight has been lifted. We’ve released the tension of clinging, and have created the room needed to grow, take hold of new things, and very possibly soar.

The June schedule is starting to reflect a bit more of the letting go process. As some may have noticed, Wednesday night Flow is no longer an option. And while there are a few reasons, the biggest is that it provides space for growth. Growth for all of us, really.

So what’s happening with Wednesday nights at 6:15 if there’s no Flow Drop-in? Well, I’m glad you asked…because I’m SUPER excited. This fall, Radiant Joy Yoga will be rolling out an assortment of 8 and 10-week Specialty Series. Topics will range from Therapeutic Yoga to Ethical Principles of Yoga to Crafty Meditations to Fitness Boot Camp. We’re going to start offering opportunities for specific learning goals, in smaller group settings, to develop an even stronger feeling of community and support here at RJY. Have I mentioned how EXCITED I am!?!

So, for the month of June there will be no classes during the Wednesday 6:15p time slot. THEN, in July and August, we will be offering four drop-in workshops which will be samplers of the kinds of things we’ve got planned our upcoming Specialty Series. The first two drop-in workshops will take place the first two Wednesdays in July. July 5th we’re going to slow things right down for a Restorative Thai Massage Yoga experience, and on July 12th I hope you’ll all join me as we Journey Through the Chakras.