Learning The Lesson by Jacquelyn

Have you learned your lesson?

I thought I had. How many times have I said in class that we need to take care of ourselves?
It seems that it’s one of those things I’ve had to learn over and over again. Just when I think I have it firmly secured in my mind I’ll notice that I’m not living this lesson in my own life.
This year has been particularly difficult and stressful. It has also been busy with lots of wonderful and exciting projects going on at the studio.
Although I knew that my body was becoming exhausted and that I needed to rest I just didn’t see how I could make it happen. And so, as usual, the messages that I needed to rest became louder and louder until they could no longer be ignored.


Learn from me, listen to the signs and rest now if that’s what you need. Don’t let the messages get so loud that the damage cannot be undone. After taking it easier for a week or so I am feeling much better. I’m looking forward to some down time over Christmas too. Give your body what it needs.
What lesson is the universe trying to teach you or remind you of at the moment? That’s the question we’ll be asking in class this week.
Join me!
Namaste, Jacquelyn
JacquelynMy schedule – 
Tuesday, Thursday – Flow Yoga at 9.15 am
Wednesday  – Flow Yoga at 6.15 pm
Sunday – Gentle Yoga at 9.15 am

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