Inspiration by Jacquelyn

What inspires you?

Even when we know what we want and what we have to do to get there, it can be hard to maintain the focus and energy required to see it through to completion.
Sometimes we need a little inspiration. 
We might find inspiration in the form of an affirmation that we place on our desk or carry in our wallet. Or, it might be a picture that symbolizes our goal or perhaps of a role model.
A reminder like this can keep us going when we feel we’ve reached the end of our strength or when we are in danger of distraction.
If you’ve been to my class, you’ll know that I’ve gone a stage further and tattooed inspiration on my body. My dharma name and dharma statement are on my forearms, in other words my life mission and my aspirational spiritual name.
My most recent addition is ‘White Tara’.

photo copy

One of 21 Taras, her white incarnation symbolizes health, healing and long life. Tara is an ‘enlightened one’, a Buddha. Tara is compassionate and vigilant, her seven eyes seeing all the suffering in the world.
Tara serves as my reminder to see the world through compassionate eyes. Having her with me at all times, she gives me strength when I feel I have none left. (Heartfelt thanks to Jamie of Uxbridge Body Art for his beautiful work.)
Join me in class this week, connect to something that inspires you. No tattoos required.
Namaste, Jacquelyn
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