Heart Opening by Michelle

Is your heart open?

I have noticed that at this time of year I walk around more hunched over, trying to stay warm and conserve the heat in my body. The people that I see walking outside are also walking with this posture. With the sudden drop in temperature this week, I know that this is only going to become more pronounced.

The perfect counter to this habitual bent over posture is heart openers (or backbends) to expand the chest, to create balance in the body, and to open the heart. During this time of year, it is so easy to close our doors and stay inside, curled up some where warm. Sometimes this can close off our hearts and disconnect us from the world.

This week let’s find some lightness and connection through opening our hearts.

MichelleJoin me this week:

Monday @ 7:45 PM ~ Gentle Yoga

Wednesday @ 7:45 PM ~ Gentle Yoga

Thursday @ 7:45 PM ~ Power Yoga

Saturday @ 9:15 AM ~ Power Yoga

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