Growing Roots by jacquelyn

Welcome to my weekly class themes blog. I hope that I’ll see you on your mat this week.

As I sit here with wind roaring round the house I’m wondering what we might lose over the next few days and hoping that it won’t be a horse or two. We are witnessing extreme turmoil in our surroundings as ‘Sandy’ sweeps through and it can be hard not to mirror that turmoil within ourselves.

We often feel uneasy and out of sorts during stormy weather and this is particularly true at this transition time of year when we leave behind the warmth of summer and early fall and face the oncoming winter. (Oncoming like a train. )

That’s why I’ll be on my mat working on developing a sense of groundedness and equanimity among other things. I find my mat is the safest and gentlest way to challenge myself to be something different, to try new paths and new ways of being. As I access these skills on my mat, I practice for applying them in the rest of my life. So that when the storms come, I can hold my ground with confidence.

At the moment our thoughts turn to our friends in the US as they take the storm head on. To friends closer to home, prepare well for our turn and be safe. Good luck everyone, stay safe and dry. See you in class.

Love, jacquelyn

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My class themes for this week:

Tuesday 9.15 am Flow ~ Finding roots in times of turmoil

Wednesday 6 pm Flow ~ The Crown Chakra, Connecting to More

Wednesday 7.45 pm Hot Flow Yoga – The ABBA Detox

Thursday 9.15 am Flow ~ Encouraging Equanimity

Friday 9.15 am Shakti ~ Strength and Gentleness

Friday 6 pm Karma Yoga for Kaitlyn Rose ~ Sending Love to the World

Sunday 9 am Gentle ~ Cultivating Self Love

Sunday 1 pm Kids Yoga ~ Planting Seeds of Yoga 

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