Good Advice by Jacquelyn

Are you better at giving advice than you are at taking it?

In the last week I’ve realized that I should listen to my own advice a little more often. I’m always telling people to rest and allow their bodies to recover when they have a cold but I always seem to have things that ‘can’t wait’.

This time around I took my own advice and stayed in bed for a few days and I’m so glad that I did. The cold isn’t gone but rather than making myself feel awful and pretending that it wasn’t happening I stopped and honoured my body’s needs. (Thank you to my dear colleagues who made this possible.)

This made me wonder about other times when we could benefit from heeding our own advice. Do you advise friends to stand up for themselves while allowing someone to push you around? Do you worry about the things you can’t change while advising others not to? I think we all do this at least some of the time.

What good advice of your’s can you take this week? Come sit on a yoga mat with me and we’ll find the determination and courage to take our own advice.

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