Fearlessness by Jacquelyn

Are you holding back?

In recent weeks we’ve been talking about our message or life’s purpose and how we can share it with the world.

This week I’m thinking about the reasons we don’t. The reasons why we don’t step into that role and let ourselves shine. And, of course, how we can overcome those obstacles.

Usually it’s our fears that hold us back. Fear of being different, fear of failure, fear of rejection, etc.

How can we put these fears to the side and get out of our own way?

One useful trick is to remember that by sharing our message we are in service to others. We shine so that others can too. Holding back doesn’t serve anyone so why not go for it?

I believe this so much that I chose to include it in my own life purpose. Here it is on my arm.Fearless

Connect to fearlessness and the tools you need to achieve it on the mat with me this week.

With love,


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