Equanimity by Michelle

Peace within?

Lately, I have been reminded again and again that peace is found within. I cannot control anything that is happening around me, but I can choose how I act, I can choose how I want to represent myself in the world. We can always choose. I love the word ‘choose’ instead of other words like ‘should’ or ‘need,’ it is so empowering, it leaves me with the feeling that I am empowered in my life, that my life is my responsibility.

I choose equanimity. Equanimity can be seen as mental calmness, or evenness of temper. I see this as maintaining an internal and external balance; that state of homeostasis, in the face of whatever life has to throw at us. Choosing to find this state can be as simple as: tuning into the breath and taking deep slow breaths, finding a quiet spot for meditation, or turning to the yoga mat to connect with our practice.

A great place to practice equanimity is on our yoga mats. It is a safe place where we can play with whatever our body is capable of on any given day. Being aware that our bodies are our own, it doesn’t look like anyone else’s and it doesn’t do what anyone else’s body can do. Moving with equanimity in yoga practice is ahimsa in motion, that idea of loving compassion, that our bodies and our practice is absolutely perfect for us each and every day.

MichelleJoin me this week on your mat:

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