Dedication by Michelle

Letting things slide?

In the summer it is super easy to let your yoga practice slide. We all know the excuses (I have company, it’s too hot, it’s to beautiful outside to spend time indoors, etc.).
In yoga, we practice the yamas (ethical standards) and niyamas (self-discipline and spiritual observances). Under the niyamas there is a principle called tapas which means self-discipline or igniting your inner purifying heat or flame. We need tapas to remain dedicated to our yoga practice and in a broader context to dedicate ourselves to living our best life. 
When we stay disciplined in our practice anything is possible. Here are a few reasons to re-ignite our yoga practice:
    1. Keeping your regular yoga practice will ensure that you can physically meet all of the adventures that the summer brings.
    2. It is a great way to ensure that you take time in your day just for you, to unwind – this will help to recharge you.
    3. Yoga is a great way to actually cool down in the summer. There are asana specifically for cooling your body and I always include these at the end of class to cool down and refresh.
    4. Yoga is a great way to express your gratitude for the beautiful weather of the summer!
    5. If you have company – bring them along and introduce them to yoga!! It’s a great way to build relationships and community!!
Join me this week to re-ignite your flame of self-dedication, Michelle
MichelleMonday @ 7:45 PM ~ Gentle Yoga
Tuesday @ 6:15 PM ~ Gentle Yoga
Wednesday @ 7:45 PM ~ Gentle Yoga 
Thursday @ 7:45 PM ~ Flow Yoga 
Saturday @ 9:15 AM ~ Power Yoga ~ I am away this week but the beautiful and wonderful Natalie will be here to guide your practice!

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