Constant Evolution by Jacquelyn

Can you feel change in the air?

Change is all around us, at all times. Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that this is a new phenomenon but even thousands of years ago Heraclitus said,

The only thing that is constant is change.

This is even true in the ancient practice of yoga. The practice itself changes, the ideas change, the personalities change and our individual practice changes as our bodies and minds change.

I’ve just spent the weekend, as have so many yogis, at the Toronto Yoga Conference. It was a wonderful experience where I was fortunate to study with leading experts on yoga anatomy. These leading thinkers in the field had much to teach me about the physical and energetic body and how this practice can change how we feel and how we live.

I can’t wait to share it all with you. I’ll be giving deep thought to my own practice and teaching over the next few weeks as I integrate what I’ve learned. I’m so excited about where we can all take our individual practices from here with the help of these amazing and talented masters in their fields.

Hope to see you in class soon.

With love, jacquelyn

PS Don’t forget, there will be no class on Friday this week as the studio will be closed for the statutory holiday. Classes run as usual over the weekend.

jacquelyn croppedMy schedule:

9.15 am Flow Yoga ~ Tuesday, Thursday

6.15 pm Flow Yoga ~ Wednesday

7.45 Yoga for Beginners ~ Wednesday

9.15 Gentle Yoga ~ Sunday

11.00 Yoga for Kids ~ Sunday

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