Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy by Jacquelyn

Are you allowing comparison to steal your joy?

Theodore Roosevelt said,
Comparison is the thief of joy
This quote has been running around my head for about a week. It’s really made me question how I think about my life and my yoga practice.
I agree that when we compare our lives with other people’s we usually come away feeling second best, perhaps nowhere more so than on Facebook. I love this quote too,
“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel” ~Steve Furtick
So can we agree to stop doing that? All of us? Imagine how the world would change if we were all secure and comfortable with ourselves.
But, in my yoga practice I do find a particular type of comparison useful. I like to notice the changes in my body over the short and long term. I don’t compare my results with other people’s and I try to never think harshly about myself.
For me being conscious and present to what is and what is changing doesn’t have to be about judging myself. When we take out the element of ‘rating ourselves’ and simply notice what’s going on, without comparison with an earlier version of ourselves or anyone else, we come home to the moment.
Come to class this week and practice cultivating awareness without judgement. See you in class.
With profound gratitude, Jacquelyn
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