Bhakti Bliss by Jacquelyn

Ready to experience pure love in musical form?

As surely everyone must know by now, this week brings our first ever live music event.

We are honoured to be hosting Brenda McMorrow and John de Kadt at the studio this Friday (10th May). We hope you’ll join us for an amazing evening of beautiful music and joyful expression.


Brenda was the first bhakti artist I saw perform live, the atmosphere at that event was amazing. I can’t wait to share this incredible experience with you. I’m going to let John and Brenda speak for themselves though as they say it so much better than I can. Enjoy the videos below. See you on Friday. Get your tickets here…

This week in class I’ll be focussing on connection in anticipation of Friday night. Join me!

With love, jacquelyn

jacquelyn croppedMy schedule:

9.15 am Flow Yoga ~ Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

6.15 pm Flow Yoga ~ Wednesday

9.15 am Gentle Yoga ~ Sunday



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