Being the Pebble by jacquelyn

Welcome to my weekly blog, I hope that this will give more depth to my teaching and your experience of classes.

This week I’ll be focussing on a flowing sequence that combines strength with opening. We’ll also work on finding backbends that suit our individual bodies whether they are restorative or deep.

These flowing practices will help us work with the flow of life, comparing ourselves with a pebble that allows the stream to flow by. This detachment, if we can achieve it, gives us freedom from the currents and storms of the external world. This doesn’t mean that we become inactive but that we focus our minds and clear out distraction.

An example of this might be the coming Christmas season. How many of us are suddenly feeling pressure to prepare and shop for Christmas? Every Christmas light that goes on, every seasonal aisle in the stores adding to the mounting pressure. The choice ceases to be ours and we get caught up in the current. We allow pace and timing to be set by panic and pressure rather than by our own rational decisions.

Be the pebble as you prepare for Christmas, do it in your own time and in your own way. You are in charge of your mind and your actions not the stores.

Love, jacquelyn

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My class themes for this week:

Tuesday 9.15 am Flow ~ Cease to strive, be the pebble

Wednesday 6 pm Flow ~ Allow, allow, allow; opening to abundance.

Thursday 9.15 am Flow ~ Fully present in this moment.

Friday 9.15 am Shakti ~ Flowing in, flowing out; the cycle of energy.

Sunday 9 am Gentle ~ Rest and heal

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