Beginning Anew by Jacquelyn

Ready to begin again?

Although January 1st is more generally associated with fresh starts and new resolutions, this time of year always brings those notions back into sharp focus for me.
The intentions we set in January may only be a distant memory but the change in the weather and the return to school routine always challenges me to begin anew.
I enjoy looking back, briefly, to see what the year has held so far but then I look forward with fresh excitement and recommit to my goals and dreams.
This is living with purpose, living mindfully. Join me this week to reassess your goals and maybe launch the final push necessary to make your dreams a reality.
Love, Jacquelyn
JacquelynMy schedule:
Tuesday, Thursday at 9.15 am – Flow Yoga
Wednesday at 6.15 pm – Flow Yoga
Saturday at 11 am – Free introductory class as part of our Open House
Sunday at 9.15 am – Gentle Yoga
Please note that our new teacher, Patti, will be taking over the Friday morning slot. She will be teaching Gentle Yoga on both Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.15 am. Join her to discover why we think she’s so wonderful. 

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