Beginner Yoga (drop in)

Air Studio


New to Yoga? Beginner Yoga is perfect for you.
Focussing on fundamentals such as breath and safe alignment, this rolling drop in class will help you develop a safe practice. Workshopping a specific group of gentle poses each week, this class is designed for both beginners and those who want to increase their understanding of yoga.
Join Lori on Thursday nights at 6.15 pm.
Beginner Yoga is included in our Introductory Offer. Enjoy a full 30 days of unlimited access to all our drop in classes. See our full schedule for details of our other classes.
All mats and yoga props are provided.

About Lori

LoriI was first introduced to yoga when I was 15 yrs. old but drifted away from my practice as an adult while raising my family.
In 2010 I was injured in an auto accident and was told by specialists that I would have to learn to live with the pain and limitations from my injuries. So, seven weeks after the accident I started back to my mat and a gentle yoga practice. Month by month I improved. There were fewer headaches, more movement and strength!
I am proof that yoga works for injury recovery. My health & spirit have flourished in my yoga practice. I have completed the 200hr Certification Program at Radiant Joy and I am so excited to help enable students in their recovery. Join me for a gentle yoga class and find your sense of wellness.
What our students say:
‘Come and try the beginner series. You won’t be disappointed. And you deserve this time and devotion to your practice. I’m so glad I came.’ L Armstrong
‘Easy going, practice at your own pace. We’re capable of more than we think. Take a class, it’s worth it.’ Amanda K
‘I recommend this class for any male. Don’t let the women have all the fun!’ – Don Begg
‘Very happy that I started yoga and I am determined to continue to practice at home and in class.’
‘Would recommend Radiant Joy Yoga to friends and family. Very enjoyable.’ – Wendy
Our students report a ’relaxed pace’, a ’step by step’ approach and being ’surprised’ by their improvement. They praise the ‘atmosphere, the people, the welcoming environment’. They tell us that they ‘love the confidence’ it gives them.
If you have any questions, please let us know. You can reach us by email ( or call the studio on (905) 852-6600.