Balance and Tapas by Michelle

How’s your balance?

This week in my drop-in classes I am focusing on creating balance, not just through one practice but through all of my offerings. In the gentle classes we are going to focus on creating space for ourselves, slowing down and relaxing. In the power classes we are going to focus on generating heat and strength in the body.

Further, the focus this week is also on creating tapas, which is a Niyama (the second limb on the eight limbed yogic path). Tapas is a Sanskrit word that can be translated to mean heat, burning, self-discipline or spiritual effort.

The gentle classes can help us create tapas as self-discipline. This means having a dedicated practice or having a willingness to take the time for self work. The self work is the yoga practice itself (we are working on creating healthy bodies as well as creating healthy minds).

The focus in the power classes of generating heat can also be referred to as creating tapas which burns away the things that no longer serve us. This allows us an avenue of detoxification for the body.

Join me for all 4 of my classes, or maybe 1 gentle and 1 power, or pick and choose which offering would best suit you this week.

MichelleJoin me this week:

Monday @ 7:45 PM ~ Gentle Yoga

Wednesday @ 7:45 PM ~ Gentle Yoga

Thursday @ 7:45 PM ~ Power Yoga

Saturday @ 9:15 AM ~ Power Yoga

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