Ajna – The Third Eye Chakra by Jacquelyn

Are you seeing what needs to be seen?


The sixth chakra is ajna or the third eye chakra. Ajna means both to perceive and to command. To perceive implying the ability to recognize patterns in our lives and to command meaning the ability to hold visions of the future in our minds for the purpose of making them a reality.
Focus – Perception, insight, intuition and truth.
Balancing exercises include –
Dream journalling and analysis. Viewing and appreciating visual art. Exposure to sunlight. Identifying and exploring the patterns in your life. Following your intuition when making decisions. Creating a vision for your future and being clear on your purpose. Making an effort to perceive the deeper truth in situations rather than staying on the surface. Colour meditations and mindful use of colour in your home. Candle meditations.
Join me in class this week to balance your ajna chakra. See your patterns and visualize your goals.
Namaste, Jacquelyn
JacquelynMy schedule ~
Tuesday – Flow Yoga at 9.15 am
Wednesday – Flow Yoga at 6.15 pm
Thursday – Flow Yoga at 9.15 am
Sunday – Gentle Yoga at 9.15 am

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