Welcome to Radiant Joy Yoga. Meet our team of teachers and practitioners.

Radiant Joy Yoga is committed to providing a safe, welcoming space where all members of our community can grow through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Our team of qualified, knowledgable and compassionate teachers will assist you in finding a practice that’s right for you.


100000000_largeI’m a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500, E-RYT200) and Reiki Master.
Yoga has helped me overcome paralyzing fears and chronic pain. When I found yoga, I found my true purpose in life.
As Studio Director and owner of Radiant Joy Yoga, I teach a variety of drop-in classes, series classes, workshops and our 200 Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training program. I also offer private yoga therapy consultations and Reiki healing treatments.
My mission is to teach and practice yoga with fearlessness, compassion and intuition. On my right arm is my dharma name, Radiant Joy of the Heart.
I’m also a certified Insanity instructor.


MonicaI am a 250 hour Certified Yoga Instructor.
I discovered yoga when I was pregnant with my first child in 2007, but yoga did not become an important part of my life until after my third baby was about 6 months old, in 2011. At that point the mat was calling me and I began a more focused yoga journey.
Initially I loved how yoga changed my body, but it soon began to give me more. The more yoga I did the more I fell I love with it. Before long, I felt drawn to becoming a yoga teacher.
I have a great passion for yoga that I love to share!


PattiMy yoga journey began over a decade ago. As a both student and a teacher, I have been influenced by an eclectic mix of dynamic teachers and yoga philosophy. Through the practice of yoga I have learned to let go of the past, to listen to my heart & to enjoy the moment. I have learned that I am exactly where I am meant to be.
Join me, with a sense of humour & precise instruction, we will explore an alignment based practice suitable for all. Together we will experience a gentle stretch while building strength and improving flexibility and balance. We will use the breath to establish a deep connection between the mind, the body & the spirit.
You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.


RobinI have a long history and passion for wellness, having made a career out of educating others about the value of optimal health. As a massage therapist, I have seen how chronic muscle tension is often rooted in an imbalanced mind and body.
Currently working within the physical health department at an addiction facility, I have seen how an untreated soul leads to chronic problems of the mind and body. I have been an avid yogi since high school and know firsthand how transformative it can be. My desire to become a yoga instructor was rooted in my love of people and for fostering positive change. I am a registered yoga instructor, having achieved the 200 required hours of training and supervision.
My aim is for people to find enjoyment in life and attain the highest level of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Yoga can lead you to these possibilities!


LoriI was first introduced to yoga when I was 15 yrs. old but drifted away from my practice as an adult while raising my family.
In 2010 I was injured in an auto accident and was told by specialists that I would have to learn to live with the pain and limitations from my injuries. So, seven weeks after the accident I started back to my mat and a gentle yoga practice. Month by month I improved. There were fewer headaches, more movement and strength!
I am proof that yoga works for injury recovery. My health & spirit have flourished in my yoga practice. I have completed the 200hr Certification Program at Radiant Joy and I am so excited to help enable students in their recovery. Join me for a gentle yoga class and find your sense of wellness.


CathyA life journey through the many components of fitness, lifestyle and wellness have brought me to my mat.
I am a lifelong student and teacher of wellness.
The combination of Pilates and Yoga have made me stronger, wiser, better balanced (in every sense of the word) and more finely tuned to myself, my family and those around me.
Teaching is a part of my very soul and spirit. I look forward to having an opportunity to meet, teach and share my love of ‘the mat’ with each of you.


LauraFitness is something I have always been passionate about. Regular exercise is a vital part of my life that gives me the chance to de-stress and renew my energy, and as an elementary teacher this has become a necessity.
I love a challenge and INSANITY certainly fits that bill! It has challenged me both physically and mentally – pushing me beyond my comfort zone and helping me discover that I can do more than I think. I have more energy and feel stronger.
I am a certified INSANITY instructor and am excited to help other people reach their fitness goals. Besides this certification, I am also a Water Art certified instructor, teaching AquaFitness classes for five years.
I am thankful for a healthy body that allows me to maintain an active lifestyle and continue to do the things I love.


NatalieI am a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Hot Stone Therapist. I have studied Thai Massage, and I am currently studying Holistic Nutrition.
I believe in a strong, healthy body as well as a strong, healthy mind. I love the mind-body connection and Yoga was able to take me on this amazing journey to connect it all.
Since I began practicing and teaching yoga, I have found new strengths I never thought I could reach.
No matter which form of yoga I practice, I am always amazed. I love sharing my message with others, in my class and in my practice. I welcome everyone to try one of my classes! You never know what you are capable of until you try.


BetteAs a physiotherapist and later as a senior health care executive, it would be fair to say that my life’s work has always centered around health and the relationship between mind, body and spirit. My after-work activities have also included an awareness of mind and body through extensive training in martial arts.
Yoga has added a new dimension and balance to this focus. Through pranayama, asanas and meditation, I am learning to just “be” and accept the flow of life in a calmer, grateful and more trusting way. Through yoga, I am discovering that it isn’t necessary to strain for happiness or serenity; it is within all of us if we just stop and listen.
I hope you can join me occasionally on this yogic discovery, where exploration of mind/body/spirit is the most fulfilling journey we can undertake.


DrewA people-hugger and nature-lover, Drew has warmth and an energy that many people can connect with. A passion for the human body has led him through University studies in human biology and directed him into the world of Thai yoga massage.
The holistic approach of Thai massage resonates strongly with Drew, as every treatment encompasses the entire body, both the physical and subtle. Drew firmly believes that compassionate touch is an essential component of good health and wellbeing. Thai massage can provide a deep sense of connection to others, to self and to the world at large.
With his experience and knowledge of the human body from both the western and the eastern perspectives, Drew considers it a great gift to be able to share this sacred practice with you. Building positive relationships through compassionate touch, Drew travels all over to bring you his unique and practical blend of western physiology and intuitive practice.